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Our Board

Who We Are


Ashly Estevez-Perez


Ashly Estevez-Perez is a formerly undocumented immigrant who grew up in the city of Camden. Her experiences navigating the immigration system, attending the public school system and experiencing high-crime rates pushed her to address issues facing those from challenging socio economics through public service. She graduated from Rutgers University-Camden with a Bachelor's degree in Urban Studies and continued her education with a  Masters in Public Administration. Currently, she works for the Biden-Harris Administration in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Secretary and is a Founder of Movimiento Tricolor. 

Ruth Perez


Ruth Perez is a mother, wife, community organizer and owner of a small local business Great Gifts. In 2003, she immigrated from the Dominican Republic to the U.S. in search of social and economic prosperity for her family. Upon her arrival to the U.S, she managed a local corner store ensuring that residents had access to fresh and necessary foods while engaging with everyday residents hearing their concerns. She then became a Home Health Aid for various health agencies ensuring seniors had the necessary supplies and care for their well being. Ruth developed a need to help the community around her as she went onto ensuring healthy foods for corner stores through her role at the Food Trust and founded Movimiento Tricolor to help those from similar backgrounds to ensure their social and economic prosperity.


Rosy Arroyo

Rosy Arroyo is a mother of two from Pennsauken, NJ whose mission is to reduce the amount of disproportionate minority contact with the juvenile justice system. In 2015, Rosy became co-chair of the New Jersey Association of County Youth Service Commissions. As the Camden County Youth Service Commission administrator, she has overseen the data, program design, planning, and implementation of the Youth Service Commission, school-based initiatives, Juvenile Detention Alternatives initiative, prevention programming, Children’s Inter-Agency Coordinating Council, family engagement strategies, and youth and law enforcement engagement. She seeks to create opportunities to heal and rehabilitate the community. 

Rodolfo Coplin

Rodolfo Coplin is a Dominican native who grew up in Camden, NJ and excels in the areas of education and digital content development in his professional career. After completing his graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Rodolfo went onto teach Biology at Camden Academy Charter High School creating rigorous curriculums for his students focused on college readiness. He then went on to work in Data Analysis at Camden Charter Network focused on increasing student success. Currently, he is a co-founder of Grasstaken, a media agency with a focus on culturally responsive branding and digital content creation, to provide quality and effective content for diverse clients.


Lyonel Dugue

Lyonel Dugue was born and raised in Haiti where he learned to value education. He migrated to the United States in 1990 already having an undergraduate degree and continued to pursue higher education. Mr. Dugue has been a teacher in the Camden City School District for over a decade and specifically has worked with ESL students. Outside of the classroom, he has dedicated himself to connecting his students and families to resources available to ensure social and economic prosperity. He has dedicated his time to serve as a positive role model for what is possible when one sets goals, works hard, and attains a good education.

Jose Placensia

Jose Placencia is a Dominican native who, through first-hand experiences with the economic and immigration issues facing immigrants, has committed to assisting small business owners with navigating process and business practices. Through his role at the Food Trust, he focuses on providing local corner stores with fresh produce and necessary equipment. He also serves as part of the Asociación de Empresarios Unidos focused on uniting local corner stores to collectively bargain and advocate for their needs. He also owns his own photography business, Jose Placencia.


Thelma Carrera

Thelma Carrera is a Trenton native, community organizer, and civil rights policy professional. She serves as the NJ Division of Civil Rights’s Policy Advisor, serving the State of NJ in proactive civil rights policy and legislative initiatives. Thelma obtained her Bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey, and her Master’s degree in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. Her prior experiences include the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund as a Development and Communication professional, and the Office of Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman as an Immigrant Engagement Specialist.

Wilbert Pichardo

Wilbert Pichardo is a highly adaptable professional with experience in building business relationships, employing outstanding interpersonal skills, and creating successful partnerships. Currently self-employed and owning his own business, Mr. Pichardo specializes as an independent contractor working with proprietary firms, providing investment services. With previous experience in the music business for three years and having worked closely with philanthropists that inspired him to "Pay it Forward.” Mr. Pichardo is also committed to education, having worked for the Camden Board of Education as an Operations Assistant for the Woodrow Wilson High School. He is dedicated to leveraging his extensive experience in both the public and private sectors to broaden access to high-quality education by supporting innovation, reducing barriers to entry, and building strong communities.

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