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Movimiento Tricolor has allowed for our urban music car group, Piti Music, to work with the local government to find ways to embrace our hobby while also ensuring we are abiding by regulations. Piti Music is now meeting with stakeholders to create solutions to balance the needs of other music car groups and we are utilizing our sound systems for community events. Our sound systems are commonly found in Dominican culture.

Victor Carstaphen - Mayor of the City of Camden

"I've met with these store owners and I am proud of what they've done here in Camden," said Carstarphen. "I come from a small business background, so I understand the importance of technical support, and having people like (Fuentes) and Ruth Perez to make sure they're comfortable. It's important not only for the stores, but also for the community they're in."

Angel Fuentes - 
Council President of the City of Camden
(Camden’s corner store owners find ways to work together (

Working with city and county agencies "can be overwhelming," Fuentes admitted. "Ruth Perez is working with them so they can navigate permits, code enforcement, (interactions with) the fire marshal, the health department. Where they come from (in the Dominican Republic), it's a much easier process, but here there is a lot more regulation, so we try to walk with them, step by step.

Nilda Sanchez-Munoz - Movimiento Tricolor Representative in Dominican Republic

Movimiento Tricolor stepped into to assist with closing the gaps between local government and the needs of small businesses. We have been able to work as a team to address the needs of small businesses.

Carlos Medina - Founder of Piti Music

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