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Our Impact

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Economic Development

Advocating for the economic prosperity by uniting Dominican business owners

As the Dominican population is one of the driving forces of the state of New Jersey’s economy, it is important to not only organize this sector of the population but to also nourish their strong importance in the city but by also involving them with community affairs to create a more unified front for not only the Dominican community but also the city of Camden. 

These activities are but not limited to:

  • Facilitating the Bodega Owner Association meetings once a month  

  • Facilitating the Taxi Association meetings once a month 

  • Facilitating quarterly meetings with the state of New Jersey to raise concerns

  • Hosting workshops to assist with financial assistance applications for businesses 

  • Assisting with community events hosted by Dominican owned businesses in the city 


Educating the state of New Jersey about the needs of the Dominican-American community as well as creating awareness among the Dominican-American community about issues occurring on a local, state, or national level

These activities are but not limited to:

  • Hosting forums to discuss curl texture and its significance within the Dominican community 

  • Creating campaigns for important topics affecting Dominican communities such as:

    • LGBTQ  Rights 

    • Immigration reform and its effect on Dominican communities

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The culture of the Dominican-American is prominent in the state of New Jersey. However, the culture is often not united via larger-scale events and activities. In order to enhance the cultural unity within the city, activities to promote and enhance cultural identity are critical

These activities are but not limited to:

  • Dominican Restoration Day

  • Dominican Independence Day Flag Raising 

  • Dominican Mother’s Day Brunch

  • Dominican Father’s Day Brunch 

  • Dominican Entrepreneur Gala 

Civic Engagement & Advocacy

Promoting civic involvement throughout the city in order to uplift, unite, and expand the Dominican-American community is necessary to further advance the mission and vision of the organization as well as the enhance the social, political, and economic status of the Dominican-American population

These activities are but not limited to:

  • Host “Trunk or Treat(s)” to promote a safe space to celebrate Halloween in the community 

  • Host Turkey Drives to provide turkey baskets to families in need 

  • Host a Christmas parade and/or Three Kings Day to promote the celebration of cultural holidays 

  • Working with local businesses to obtain donations for scholarship opportunities for a local high school student 

  • Working with local businesses to obtain donations for covering the costs of citizenship applications 

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Numbers of Impact


  • Total in donations from small businesses and individuals.


  • Small businesses collaborated with in the city of Camden.


  • Raised for the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund.


  • Total attendees for events and programming


  • Pounds of food distributed during COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Families impacted by +40 medical supplies and equipment.

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